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Why I am a coach...

My journey to life coaching was through the corporate world. I was successfully climbing the ladder while dreaming that one day I would be helping women on their way to their dreams.

I was diligently ticking off boxes set by society and my family until I had a baby, and then COVID struck. For an efficient over-functioning individual with a tight busy schedule, both motherhood and Covid were a painful hard stop. Yet it was life-changing as I had time to review where I was running so fast and why. A result of those turbulent times was my requalifying as a coach and writing a practical guide for women who are seeking a career change mid-life.

My mission through Brave Eve Coaching is to support women on their daring journeys to lead a braver richer life. 

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Get to know me

  • I started over in 3 countries (the US, the Uk, and Spain). Currently, I am dividing my time between London and Tenerife.

  • I hold two bachelor’s (Economics, Management) and two master’s degrees (Marketing Communications, Strategy Innovation) from the top universities in the UK and the US.


  • I was promoted to be on the board of directors of a finance company at the age of 30.

  • Throughout my corporate career, I always had side hustles: CV and cover letter editing, shoes with interchangeable buckles, and organic zero-waste baby snacks.

  • I am a trustee for a charity organisation focused on inclusive education. 

  • I am an avid traveller, reader, learner and explorer and a mom to an inquisitive 3-year-old.

I am a coach for you if:

  • You are looking for someone who can help you reinvent yourself.

  • You appreciate direct, honest communication and a rational scientific approach.

  • You are ready to work hard, not just vent or ponder whether it will work.

  • You can take uncomfortable truths and be with them. I will support you, but eventually, you will have to walk the path. 

  • You are open to being vulnerable and processing some difficult emotions. All of these experiences will make you stronger.

    If you are ready, schedule a free introductory session with me.

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What makes me different from other coaches?

I am supportive. I am on your side and have your best interests at heart. Yet I will challenge you and push your boundaries. It will not be easy, but you will never feel alone. I will help you cross the chasm separating you from reaching your goal.  


I am action-oriented. Having worked as a project manager before, I am very results oriented. In every session, we will discuss your future steps. I will hold you accountable for doing what you’ve committed to. It’s not a school, and there will not be bad grades, but you will start noticing where you are failing yourself. I will hold your hand, but you will have to walk the walk.


I am pragmatic and rely on science. I am constantly learning and using the latest knowledge and exercises from psychology and neuroscience in my approach. There isn’t a one-fits-them-all approach, so during our collaboration, you will be exposed to different methods and choose what works for you.

I have been there myself. Yes, I have gone through anxiety, depression, lack of meaning, and not wanting anything. I know how hard it can be. You will never hear from me: “Just do it”, “It’s easy”, or “Get your shit together”. It’s not easy, yet it is not impossible to get out of there. If I think you will benefit more from a help of a psychologist or psychiatrist, I will tell you straight away.

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