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This workbook is the result of extensive research into best practices for helping people to fulfil their dreams and goals. While many people know what they need to do to reach their goals, they don’t do anything. Why? They are either lacking energy or focus or are earthbound by fears.


The exercises are designed for you to pay attention to activities you spend your time and energy on and whether they really help you to achieve your goals. You will revise your habits and will develop new ones that will help you to maintain your energy levels for increased productivity.


Finally, you will break your goals down into manageable daily and weekly activities, which will help you to track your progress and understand where you need help and support.


It is for you if you:
- have lots of ideas but fail to execute them

- keep delaying what you want to do

- have no energy for the things that interest you


The workbook will become your trusted guide through thick and thin as you move towards achieving your goals. Most importantly, it will be made by you and for you – the person who knows you the best.

How to achieve your goals

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