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Career and self-actualisation Coaching

Happy Girl

In the modern world, our jobs are at the centre of our life. Not only do we identify ourselves through what we do, but we also think about our work (and actually work) way more than previous generations. Your job can be a source of great satisfaction and fulfilment or a cause of stress and anxiety. 

Gone are the days of career-for-life. The current 30-40-year-olds can have 2-3 more fulfilling careers in different sectors should they wish to. Now it’s about stepping in bravely into the melting pot of blended careers where it’s never too late to start afresh. 


While I call this program career coaching, it is much more than finding a higher-paying job or a better position. It’s about self-actualisation and finding fulfilment in your work. During our sessions, we will dig into your values and align your career aspirations with your overall outlook.

My clients reported that as a result of our work, they have improved their career stance and overall satisfaction from life and relationships. 
 My goal is to help women break the shackles that stop them from starting projects and doing the jobs they are interested in.


 Here are a few of the many things you can expect from my career coaching services:

  • Gaining clarity on what you want 

  • Cleansing your perception of work from toxic beliefs 

  • Identifying your core values and how they align with your desired career

  • Uncovering any self-limiting beliefs holding you back from progressing in your field and much more.   


If the above issues resonate with you, but you are not ready to work with a coach, I highly recommend my Career Crossroads workbook. It can take you on an exciting journey of self-exploration and is great for introverts seeking a deeper understanding of their future career steps. 

If you would like to have a personalised approach, please schedule an introductory session with me where we can discuss your requirements.

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