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Coaching women with wings.

Can you relate to the following?

  • Stuck in your career? Unsure what to do next? 

  • Want to break free from a job, relationship, or life that doesn't fit you?

  • Trapped, although you can call your life a success from the outside.

  • You tick the boxes of your "shoulds" but never have time or energy for your "wants". 

  • Exhausted and generally not excited about your life. 

Brave Eve Career Coach

How can I help?

I support women through their daring journeys and help them break through the obstacles holding them back.

Whether you are searching for your creative flow, dealing with a career change or need support in solving a relationship crisis, I can help you to overcome these hurdles and restore to the best and most energetic self. I'll share the latest tools and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals and find the answers within yourself. 

Life's too short to be unhappy, in limbo, or unfulfilled.

Be daring, adventurous and brave.


Working at home

Career & self-actualisation Coaching

Mastermind your career whether you are starting afresh in a new area or returning after a break.

Happy Portrait


Actively build the life you want to live rather than follow standard paths.

Successful Girl

Money Mindset

Tackle the money and prosperity-related limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

What customers say

"Helpful and insightful approach based on research and experience. Has helped me to find another perspective. Definitely recommend!"

Polina K.

"It equipped me with a wonderful technique which will definitely help me progress further in my career. I absolutely loved the experience!."

Elena G.

" A creative mix of, warmth, candour and support with laser-sharp insights and a practical spirit that will get you into action in no time."

Alina C.

"I've learnt a few useful and practical tools on how to overcome the detractors that were stopping me from making the first steps towards a career change."

Sophia D.

Trust Pilot
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Career change workbook

In the modern world, women face a lot of pressure and expectations.

Work, family, social and cultural constraints often turn women into efficient, well-functioning machines that are unfortunately disconnected from their inner selves. Inside they often feel empty, exhausted and lost while portraying success, decisiveness and strength to the outer world.

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