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The ultimate workbook for women who seek
a career change

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The blinding light of a perfectionism trap.

Modern women have been trapped in false beliefs that they should do it all and be perfect at everything. Balancing career, family and social obligations, these women run efficiently but often suffer from a lack of meaning and creative blocks. Often they describe it as living somebody else’s picture-perfect life while feeling as if they’ve lost sight of who they really are. I was one of them. 
We all want to stop fitting ourselves into socially acceptable moulds. We want to let our own unique light shine bright. Yet it is scary. I will walk you through the murky waters of transition and
support you on your path. Start your journey with Brave Eve Coaching, an online community that helps women reclaim their passions and lead more fulfilled lives.

Career Change Workbook focuses on supporting women through their life and career changes.

This is the ultimate workbook for women seeking self-actualisation and career change. If you want to transform your life but feel stuck and low on energy, this practical guide is for you. Based on the latest knowledge in psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness, this workbook is full of practical exercises that will help you design an actionable realistic plan to get the job you want.

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Who needs this workbook?

You. :) Especially if you:

  • Feel trapped in your current situation and don’t see the way out

  • Reentering the workforce after a career break, it’s daunting.

  • Want to have a meaningful job but do not know what you want.

  • Hate the mundanity of your current job, yet afraid to change

  • Play with an idea of a career change but have not taken any steps 

  • You are an eternal student - know a lot in different areas but never make money from your knowledge.

  • Stuck in your daily routine and wonder if this is it

  • Always wanted to have your own business but never took any steps.

  • Want to understand how you can combine motherhood and self-actualisation

What our customers say

"Helpful and insightful approach based on research and experience. Has helped me to find another perspective. Definitely recommend!"

Polina K.

"It equipped me with a few wonderful techniques which will definitely help me progress further in my career. I absolutely loved the experience!."

Elena G.

" A creative mix of, warmth, candour and support with laser-sharp insights and a practical spirit that will get you into action in no time."

Alina C.

"I've learnt a few useful and practical tools on how to overcome the detractors that were stopping me from making the first steps towards a career change."

Sophia D.


Workbook will help you to


your current situation and available resources


into your desires, aspirations and wishes

deal with

your fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage


a realistic action plan depending on your situation


a self-help booster kit for the days when you are down

What you'll get ...

Latest findings in psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and goal-setting.
40+ practical exercises to gain a deeper understanding of your career aspirations.
Seven sections covering everything you need to make your next career move
14-days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Get your free sneak peek
into the Career Crossroads workbook

7 exercises  + 30 day challenge included

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Tell me more...

This workbook is the result of extensive research into best practices for helping people make the career change they seek. While many people have an idea of what they need to do to reach their goals, they don’t do anything. Why?


The theory is simple; it is the execution that makes us sweat. We must integrate our cognitive and rational sides with our emotional responses, including our preferences, doubts, fears, and self-sabotage.


Highly practical and full of exercises, this workbook will help you understand not only your wishes but also the blocks that are holding you back. You will form an action plan and design your self-support kit for when things don’t go as expected. It will become your trusted guide through thick and thin as you move towards your self-actualisation goals. Most importantly, it is made for you and by you – the person who knows you the best.

This workbook reflects my journey of self-exploration and finding my way back to work after my child was born. Old goals were not relevant anymore, so I had to reinvent myself. My aim was not to write a cheery you-can-do-it-all book but to help you see your career choices, past and present, through the bigger picture of your life. A good understanding of yourself lies at the core of building the life you want. Each section of this workbook is a stepping stone for you self-actualise in the area you want. The journey will be challenging, but the result will be worth it. 
If you are tired of walking in circles and not seeing any progress, it’s time to change that. 

Download the free workbook preview and start your journey to your new career here.

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