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Why bother with a coach?

What can a coach give me that my partner can't? This is one of the most common counterarguments I hear when I say everyone can benefit from a coach. Well, let's dive into it. Your partner is a person you choose to spend your life with. They can have bad days, no energy, and problems at work. To put it simply, if your partner is not in a good state, they will not be able to offer you the support you need. And no, it's not their responsibility.

A coach is an independent professional who supports you in your developmental journey. The coach's job is to be there for you. If they do their job poorly, you simply will cut your contact. The benefit of having a coach or a mentor is that they can be there for you through your struggles and will not devalue your worries and fears.

You will not hear:

- It's not a biggie.

- Some people have it worse than you.

- Stop moaning.

- I can't hear it again.

- Get over it.

So what can a coach give what a partner or a friend can not?

- Being there for you whenever you need it.

- Actively listening asking questions and for you to see more sides to the story.

- Constructively challenging.

- Mindfully supporting you through your journey.

Remember, your partner does not have to support you if he is tired. It does not mean he does not love you. It means he does not have the energy to listen to your problems now.

P.S. Having a coach can improve your relationship as well. How? Rather than connecting through discussing problems, you can spend time doing what you both like.

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