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On courage...

Have you ever noticed how long it takes a snail to come out of the shell and how fast it retrieves back?

The same is true for our motivation and courage. It takes all of us time to get out of our shells. Yet, at the first criticism or a bump on the road, we are quick to retrieve into the comfort of our safety.

The amygdala releases fear hormones in our brain because it thinks we are in danger. But are we really? In the modern world, most of the things we are afraid of do not threaten our lives.

So before you want to retrieve, think:

- Is the danger real or it's your feeling?

- What will I miss if I will not do what

I’ve planned?

- Find examples in the past when you persevered through fear. Did you benefit from this move or not?

Here is an interesting fact: Researchers have found that older people mostly regret things they have not done. So next time you are fearful, go through the questions above to understand whether there is a real danger or your brain just playing tricks on you.

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